Rolling Checkpoints with Microsoft Hyper-V

As any long-time system admin or tech can tell you, backups and redundancy are vital. They make it possible to sleep without worry. One thing that makes that easier is Microsoft’s Hyper-V. It’s a tool for creating virtual machines (VMs); these are computers that exist within software. This means you can copy and move them as files. One particularly nice… Read more →

References Up

As important as I think the opinion of my superiors matters, as a manager at ResNet, I believe the opinion, respect, and criticisms from the people I managed is of more importance. We worked closely on a number of projects, some of which are available on our Github page. More are in the process of being made available. I am proud of the… Read more →

References Down

Since this is ultimately going to be an online résumé, in addition to a space for me to mess around, I guess there should be references. And regardless of how good of an employee I believe myself to be, other perspectives could be worthwhile. Here’s what my boss has to say about me: If you are reading this reference, it means… Read more →

Really, though, Clyde is…

You don’t have to take his word for it. You can check out references from his superiors or the people who made up his development team. If you want to just trust him, know that he thinks he is: An IT professional Project Manager Helpdesk Administrator Server Administrator Tutorial Writer Trainer General Technician/Fixer of things broken Technologist Teacher Adjunct Professor… Read more →