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References Down

Since this is ultimately going to be an online résumé, in addition to a space for me to mess around, I guess there should be references. And regardless of how good of an employee I believe myself to be, other perspectives could be worthwhile.

Here’s what my boss has to say about me:

If you are reading this reference, it means you are fortunate enough to have Clyde Miller interested in joining your organization. Hire him. Save yourself some time, effort and energy, because no other candidate will come close to what Clyde has to offer you and your organization….

-Lenord McGownd, Assistant Director of Residence Life, Housing and Dining Services at Missouri State University. Read the full reference here.


And this is what Tony Hein, the Director of Dining Services at Missouri State, has to say:

Clyde has a very rare trait in that he is completely proficient in computer hardware and software repair but also really understands the customer service aspect as well. He as the ability to speak technology at a level that is appropriate to the person he is speaking with at the time. For those of us that are less technologically savvy that is a wonderful trait.

Read the full reference here.

Clyde likes things and does things.

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