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As important as I think the opinion of my superiors matters, as a manager at ResNet, I believe the opinion, respect, and criticisms from the people I managed is of more importance. We worked closely on a number of projects, some of which are available on our Github page. More are in the process of being made available. I am proud of the work we did.

Below are references written by my former employees after they left the organization. They were under no obligation to say anything positively or respond to the request at all.

Daniel Snider, currently a Software Engineer for Charge, had this to say about me:

It was with Clyde’s skilled leadership, that our team brought two major software projects online to the delight of our customers. The success of our products (not to mention the large amount of positive feedback he received) proved his ability to learn, manage, and solve complicated issues.

His full reference letter can be found here.


Aaron Boman, currently a Software Engineer at Garmin, had this to say:

Clyde would conduct the meetings exuding professionalism and poise. Even when tensions would arise among the clients, he could always articulate a response that would put all parties at ease. Clyde excels at translating the wants of our non tech-savvy clients into usable information, and at explaining the technology back to them.

I only worked for Clyde and ResNet for [2 years], but it was definitely the best development firm I have ever worked for. Of all of my places of employment, not one operated anywhere near as efficiently or smoothly as did ResNet and Clyde played a key role in the system in order to make that possible. He made it obvious how my part contributed to the whole. It should also be noted that he provided constructive (and notably positive) usable feedback with which I used to grow in my career.


Clyde likes things and does things.

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